Frequently asked questions


Is there shade on board?

Yes, we have a full bimini that covers the entire cockpit. If you wish for sun, you can have that too! The front of the boat is uncovered and is a great place to bask in the sun.

Where will we get to snorkel?

We have several incredible snorkel stops around St. John. We choose spots daily according to weather conditions. We also take requests.

Is there anything in the water that can hurt me?

As long as you snorkel responsibly you will be fine. The rule when you are snorkeling is not to touch anything. This rule is mainly to protect the coral. We have no aggressive or dangerous fish where we snorkel. The Virgin Islands is about the safest and most beautiful places to snorkel. We offer snorkel stops for every level of snorkeler.

Will I have a snorkel guide?

Yes, on our Local Water trips one of us will always snorkel with you. On our Jost Van Dyke trip we usually take that time to complete customs paperwork, but if requested, one of us will happily be your guide. Both captain and first mate are very experienced snorkelers and have a comprehensive knowledge of the reef ecosystems around St John. As your snorkel guide, we are happy to answer any questions you have about what you are seeing.

Where will you pick us up?

For sailing trips to Jost Van Dyke aboard Survivan we usually pick up near the ferry dock in Cruz Bay, St John on the beach in front of a restaurant called High Tide.

When picking up for our Local Waters trips from St John we have two options. We can pick you up either in Cruz Bay or on the beach in front of the Westin Resort, depending on the group's needs. We can also pick up from Redhook on St Thomas.

We'll let you know if we need to customize our pick up point for the trip. Or call us at 340-998-9898 if you have any questions.

What do we bring?

Please bring towels, cameras, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, and snorkel gear if you have it. If you don't have gear we can provide it on request.

Can I plug in my iPod?

Yes, we have speakers in the cockpit and you can play your music.

What's the weather like down there? The weather channel website says rain everyday for St John.

There is always a chance for rain while we're out there, but generally if they are predicting less than a 70% chance of rain then it's going to be a beautiful day.